Device tree web compiler

Generate and compile the device tree to config the hardware setup of your Arietta G25 board.

Set your hardware configuration

Serial lines
I2C bus
SPI bus
A/D converter
PWM lines
I2S bus for audio SoC
1 wire bus

DTS source


Start the DTS compilation

Click on to generate the acme-arietta.dtb file.

Download acme-arietta.dtb and save it on the first partition of Arietta microSD then reboot.

  • Download link :[...]

It is possible to download the file directly from the Arietta command line session by typing:

cd /boot
wget[...] -O acme-arietta.dtb


Click on the pin name for more info about it

All the GPIO lines are at 3.3 volt and are not tolerant to 5 Volt. At the startup all the lines are configured as general purpose I/O line. To configure them for other purposes create your own Device Tree and generate the Device Tree Blog file using the panel below.